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PEAK Men's Competitive Series Basketball Shoes

Item No.: E94451A
Upper Material: Textile+Synthetic Leather
Product parameters
Size: 42-44
Color: White/Purple,Black/White,Black/Fresh Green,Cloud Grey
Item No: E94451A

Size range: 34-48 Ω (E94451A)

Color: White / purple, white / black, black / green, cloud grey

Upper material: Textile

Outsole material: MD + RB

Insole matersole: EVA

Selling points:

Full length taichl technology to achieve adaptive shock absorption and rebound

1. Spliced upper, real combat and beauty coexist, upper is weaved together, elastic cloth and PP film are spliced, highlighting fashion trend, meeting real combat demand, and more conducive to daily wear

2. Double TPU support device, stable bottom state pole material,

3. The arch TPU, which can strengthen the anti torsion performance, does not show the strong anti torsion performance in the lateral sliding step, strong support, stable protection of feet

4. Rubber outsole, anti-skid and wear-resistant, with texture, ensures excellent grip, anti-skid and wear-resistant, and makes the foot flexible and free